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What Lasota Energy bracelet can do for you?

Autonomic nerve function – Physical strength and responsiveness – Motion and seasickness – Sleep and anxiety – Resiliency – Balance and coordination – Concentration – Body flexibility – Jetlag – Fatigue – Seasonal depression – Immune system – Skin elasticity – Pain relief in muscles and joints.

Loaded with lots of negative ions and specific scaled frequencies from 7.4-8.2

All this improves your body to the maximum also your immune system.

It takes 6-8 months to discharge a silicone bracelet.

We guarantee:
The Lasota Energy bracelet reduces stress symptoms, reduce or remove motion sickness & will improve your golf handicap.

Money back guarantee if you don’t feel a difference in 30 days (if you are a golf player you need to play at least 5 rounds, in order to notice the difference).

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