Lasota Pet Energy is a collar for your best friend.

The Lasota Pet Energy collar is built completely identical to the bracelet for people or horses. The dog in most families is like their best friend, and for others a good colleague. When one thinks of a security guard or police officer, hunter or dog trainer you will say that their dog is an important tool. Whether the role for the dog it to give it’s family love, have the focus required of police work or have its increased senses on alert; it is essential the dog is properly functioning and filled with energy.

The dog’s cells work fundamentally like our own, and therefore, a dog can also get worn out, nervous, stressed, motion sickness; or suffer from allergies, joint and muscle pain, etc. Just look at the many nervous dogs around the new year, many of which are “doped” with medication, which might not be appropriate.

It takes 12 months to discharge the collar.

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