Lasota Pet Energy is a collar for your best friend.

The Lasota Pet Energy collar is built completely identical to the be like the bracelet for people or horses. The dog in most families is like their best friend, and for others a good colleague. When one thinks of a security guard or police officer, hunter or dog trainer you will say that their dog is an important tool. Whether the role for the dog it to give it’s family love, have the focus required of police work or have its increased senses on alert; it is essential the dog is properly functioning and filled with energy.

The dog’s cells work fundamentally like our own, and therefore, a dog can also get worn out, nervous, stressed, motion sickness; or suffer from allergies, joint and muscle pain, etc. Just look at the many nervous dogs around the new year, many of which are “doped” with medication, which might not be appropriate.

By using negative ions and two holograms with electromagnetism, there something to help your dog if it is not functioning 100%. The negative ions, we get by taking a tourmaline stone, cleaning it and crushing it into a powder, and then heating it. In this way, it becomes electrically negatively charged; which you can see on the collar when it’s new. It actually seems a little dusty. A Lasota Energy bracelet delivers 1500 negative ions per second per cm2, which also means it loses “it’s breath” over time, as its charge decreases. It is impossible to say how long the charge holds, but we guarantee it lasts about 2 years. It holds a charge, significantly longer time, than those of silicone for humans; since the band is also substantially larger and therefore may contain more tourmaline. Most owners can get it to last for a longer period, and very few in a shorter period. Negative ions will try to normalize the dog’s many automatic brain functions; which are controlled by its hormonal system. This can be either over or under active.

The collar also contains two holograms, both of which are electromagnetically charged. They are scaled, meaning they are charged with multiple frequencies, which lie between 7.4 to 8.2 Hz. Electromagnetism is basically a combination of magnetic fields and electrostatic fields; these have best function in liquids, especially liquids which are electrically conductive. All of a dog’s cells contain water (bone (65%), muscle (80%) blood (90%)), with different conductive substances (sodium, potassium, iron, manganese and magnesium). By using substances such as these our energy band will seek to restore the functions of the cerebellum; which may be disturbed due to stress, anxiety, agitation, improper diet (typically if you give the dog common food scraps from the table and/or an unsuitable quality of dog food). All the nerves in the body, both the peripheral and central nervous system, function by means of electrical energy created by chemical processes.

The holograms may change frequencies to the body’s normal level, and does not improve functions for a well-functioning dog. In other words, it should be able to correct something, if there is something to correct.

Thousands of dog owners have reported back to us, about what our Pet Energy collar has done for their dogs. One customer said, I do not understand the product, but you cannot fool a dog into believing in the product, if it was only a placebo effect then that would not work on a dog.

Try a Lasota Pet Energy if your dog suffers from the following problems:

  • Is nervous or uneasy.
  • Works stressed or aggressive
  • Sleeping too much or seems lethargic.
  • Is too agitated among people and other dogs, it does not know.
  • Seems stiff in its movements.
  • If it quickly becomes short of breath without special effort.
  • Has allergies or is scratching all the time (remember to check the diet too).
  • Has joint or muscle pain.
  • Is motion or car sick (seems uneasy and out of breath when it is transported, perhaps even throwing up).

Lasota Pet Energy is like all other products in the range CE-approved.

Rated 5 out of 5
Normally I only use the Lasota Energy bracelet when I train, it works super well and I'm happy wearing it. I don't normally wear it in competitions due to water resistance. Then I have had a period where I felt that the training went super well, but that I underperformed

Mikkel Jensen

Rated 5 out of 5
I have now used the Lasota Energy bracelet for 5 months and I have especially noticed I recover much quicker between races and have much less muscle pain. And additional benefits is that I sleep much better so I feel much more refreshed when I wake up.

August Birk Hundt

Rated 5 out of 5
I don't believe in hocus pocus but the Lasota Energy bracelet really works. For example, I haven't had my annual flu the last two years, which I have had since I can remember and therefore I knew that Lasota HorsePower would also work on the horses.

Georgia Timmermann

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