The horse is the world’s greatest athlete, but at the same time is a domestic animal, which makes it extremely easy for them to be influenced by the environmental factors they are surrounded by. They are for example very easily frightened, unpredictable and very difficult to manage if they are isolated for a long time in a stable.

Horses are very social animals both with other horses and with people, but also towards other animals such as cats, dogs, etc. If they don’t get enough company they are stressed, and if this happens we believe it is the reason many horses develop peptic ulcers, colic and abnormal behaviors. It has also been shown that many competition horses are extremely stressed. The reason is believed to be because the horses are pushed very hard, not just physically, but also mentally.

In fact, this happens in much the same way as when people get stressed, because of too many tasks taken on at once – without having periods for adaptation to these experiences and recovery for the body. This in turn may cause the horse to experience hormonal stress, in that adrenaline and cortisol levels increase, thus placing all the horse’s senses in an alert state. The horse will sweat excessively, it will salivate excessively, its muscles with become tense and the will be working overtime. A horse that is stressed can learn nothing and will not be able to perform in a competitive situation. So, it is extremely important to make sure your horse has a good life and is not stressed out or anxious. You do not just want this because it is in competitions, but because your horse is an animal that you have become attached to and you want what is best for your animal. A Lasota Energy HorsePower (a pastern band) can greatly help your horse, so it is not so stressed out, and will be more harmonious, calm and relaxed. In this way, the horse feels better in general.

A Lasota Energy HorsePower has two components to ensure your horse is in both mental and physical balance; while its energy level is at the top.

Negative ions

One of the components in a Lasota Energy HorsePower, are negative ions; which are in the silicone. They are created by taking a tourmaline stone, which is cleaned and crushed into powder and then heated. In this way, it becomes electrically negatively charged; which you can see on the pastern band when it is new. It seems to look a little dusty. A Lasota Energy pastern band gives off 2500 negative ions per second per cm2, but this means it also becomes weaker over time as its charge decreases. It is impossible to say how long the charge holds, but we guarantee it lasts about a year. The pastern band keeps longer than the silicone bands for humans, because the band is larger and may therefore contain more tourmaline. Negative ions will try to normalize the horse’s adrenaline and cortisol level, and thus will make sure your horse does not easily become stressed is not so easily become stressed out and have more mental resources and stability.


The pastern band also contains two holograms, both of which are electromagnetically charged. They are scaled, meaning they are charged with multiple frequencies; which are between 7.4 to 8.2 Hz. Using these frequencies, HorsePower seeks to restore the functions that take place in the cerebellum; which may be disturbed due to stress, anxiety, agitation or improper diet. All the horse’s nerves function with the help of electrical energy created by chemical processes. The frequencies can regulate the horse’s mechanical functions, but does not improve them. In other words, it can only regulate something if there is something to regulate.

You should consider a Lasota Energy HorsePower if your horse:

  • Is nervous or uneasy.
  • Work stressed or sweats a lot.
  • Is uneasy when it needs to be transported.
  • Seems stiff in its movement pattern.
  • Has stomach or colic problems.
  • Finds it difficult to respond to commands or learn.
  • Is out of breath or has tense muscles.
  • If it is often sick/ill, or has other problems.
  • Phlebitis (can be due to stress).

A Lasota Energy HorsePower may be used in jump, gallop, trot, military and hunting. However, it is not approved for use in dressage competitions. There are two reasons: one is that there are clear rules for what one must use during the dressage, and if the product is not mentioned in the rules – then it must not be used. The second reason is that we (mistakenly), describe it as performance-enhancing. A horse does not just be good at dressage, to respond to the rider’s signals, improve its dexterity, movements and position during a competition; it takes many hours of training, and here a Lasota Energy HorsePower can be a great help at teaching the horse more optimal movements.

Lasota Energy HorsePower, is in other words, supporting animal welfare. So if you want the best for your horse try a Lasota Energy HorsePower.

You cannot buy the original product on Ebay, Amazon, QXL, or other foreign websites.

Watch the video below about the HorsePower pastern band.

Rated 5 out of 5
Normally I only use the Lasota Energy bracelet when I train, it works super well and I'm happy wearing it. I don't normally wear it in competitions due to water resistance. Then I have had a period where I felt that the training went super well, but that I underperformed

Mikkel Jensen

Rated 5 out of 5
I have now used the Lasota Energy bracelet for 5 months and I have especially noticed I recover much quicker between races and have much less muscle pain. And additional benefits is that I sleep much better so I feel much more refreshed when I wake up.

August Birk Hundt

Rated 5 out of 5
I don't believe in hocus pocus but the Lasota Energy bracelet really works. For example, I haven't had my annual flu the last two years, which I have had since I can remember and therefore I knew that Lasota HorsePower would also work on the horses.

Georgia Timmermann

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