Lasota Energy Exclusive has embedded three holograms and a thin film loaded with electromagnetic frequencies between 7.4 to 8.2 Hz. The effect affects some various nervous systems, leading to the centers of the brain that controls all motor function. From here it will optimize the entire motor movement device immediately. The brain stimulation happens by itself and provides a better function of the motor system.

Negative ions

Lasota Energy exclusive bracelets contain germanium, which is considered a semi-metal, which means that it is semi-conductive, and in turn means that it has the ability to transmit power only in one direction. The discovery of germanium started in 1875 with the Russian chemist Omitri Mendeleev, who was advocating the use of a chemical law called “the periodic Law”, where you divided the elements by atomic number, weight, and density; there was a hole at number 32 in the group. In 1886, the German chemist Clemens Winkler discovered this semi-metal while conducting drug analyzes, and he made a tribute to his country calling it germanium (Germany). Germanium has the atomic number 32, atomic weight 72.60 and density of 5.36. In the late 1940s, people used germanium in electronic equipment such as diodes and later it was used in computer equipment made in Japan, these were called bio-chips. In Japan, Dr. Asai Kuzuhiko also investigated germanium, by studying its properties; he felt germanium could be used for the treatment of diseases. He later discovered that germanium is capable of binding acidic hydrogen ions (positive ions, also referred to as H+), and which are known to destroy the cells of the body – pulling them out of the body via the kidneys. It was also discovered that germanium can detoxify the blood and thus create more oxygen. Today, Dr. Asai treats and heals cancer, without radiation or chemotherapy, but only with the use of organic germanium. Another doctor of biomedicine, Dr. Serafina Corsello from New York, uses organic germanium to strengthen the immune systems of ill patients. In biological medicine, they take organic germanium powder, to be dissolved in the mucous membranes under the tongue; to get it directly into the bloodstream. Germanium is completely innocuous and cannot be overdosed.

When we look at the indications for what various doctors who work with biomedical uses of germanium around the world have found, this is just a short list of indications:

  • Charges blood, especially the red blood cells.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Protects our body’s cells from bacteria and viruses.
  • Removes toxins and heavy metals in the body (via the kidneys).
  • Enables the body to recover faster from illnesses.
  • Used to treat cancer.

In a Lasota Energy exclusive bracelet, there is a little bit of the purest Japanese organic germanium. There is no evidence that the bracelet can achieve the same immediate effect, as the doctors who work with biomedical uses. Instead, we use germanium in it, because we believe that when the body is constantly surrounded by good substances, it will have a positive effect. Moreover, the skin is a great penetrator for most substances, and we believe that some germanium over a long time will also have a positive effect on your body.


The Lasota Energy exclusive bracelet, known as exclusive, contains FIR in one of the three charms. FIR stands for far infrared radiation, which happens to be a subdivision of the electromagnetic spectrum; which has a typical wavelength of 3-100µm (micrometers). FIR is very well known and used in therapy around the world, especially among physical therapists. Although, it has been used for hundreds of years.

FIR works by using radiation, and is able to work through fabric/clothing as well as through the human body. You can experience infrared lights as a form of therapy, when you go to a sauna and even while out in the sun, as these emit FIR. The body is very good at responding and reacting to FIR, since the body’s cell oscillations and FIR work well together. FIR is absorbed better when things are warm, and cells generate heat when they make energy. In fact, body cells are small power plants, which absorb nutrients through biochemical reactions (using a sodium-potassium pump through processes of ATP and ADP energy conversion), this then creates small cellular oscillations.

A healthy human body, has a cellular oscillation between 62-72MHz, studies have shown that the lower the oscillation is; the poorer the body is functioning. Colds generally occur in the 57-60MHz range. Diseases, where the immune system is run down occur (in general), around 58MHz; while cancer is at 42MHz. The body is similar to an engine, the cleaner it burns, the better it runs. Since everything in the body communicates via electromagnetic stimuli; FIR helps to ensure that all tissues from organs to bones, are vibrating in the correct way.

In modern times, our bodies are constantly affected by damaging vibrations. Mobile phones, Ipads, PC monitors and microwave over’s (to name just a few); all emit harmful forms of electromagnetic radiation and can damage the body.

FIR can have the following impacts on the human body:

  • To build better cell membranes and thus stronger cells in general.
  • Support and improve the body’s immune system.
  • Improve metabolism, creating an environment conducive for ATP and ADP processes.
  • Normalize and lower high blood pressure (even if you are in recovery).
  • Used in the treatment of congestive heart failure and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Relieves pain anywhere on the body, both superficial and in the organs.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • In Chinese medicine, to strengthen Qi.


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The last and fifth functional element which a Lasota Energy Exclusive Bracelet (Exclusive) contains is a magnet. The magnetic bracelet is quite unlike the other known elements which we have in our bracelets, they are far more innovative.

Anyway, there is also be a magnet in the bracelet, and contains the elements from our other bracelets; which have features that are beneficial for the body. Humans have used magnets to cure diseases since ancient times. We have found in the research literature; many different effects magnets have on the body. However, one should keep in mind that there is a big variable in magnets’ size and strength. For example, researchers from the University of Virginia, found that microcirculation is increased in blood vessels with magnetic therapy, but the strength needed to be more than 20 times as strong as a refrigerator magnet, and they should rotate. Such a large magnet would be impossible to carry, but many types of magnetic therapeutic equipment exist which have great power. These are not things however, that you will want to walk and carry around, with you.

Many also claim that magnets can remove puffiness, if you put the magnet where the swelling is. However, there is no documentation at all for this. In fact, there is very little valid documentation for the many diseases that a magnetic bracelet should be able to help. Everyone knows that magnets can attract different metals such as iron, nickel and cobalt (ferromagnetic) and that these have less attraction to lead, platinum and aluminum (paramagnetic), but there aren’t many of these substances which are found naturally in the body (thankfully). The only thing that exists in the body, which may be attracted by a magnet, is iron. Our blood contains different substances, among which are red blood cells (erythrocytes), whose job it is to carry oxygen to all our cells. On these red blood cells, there is a ferrous protein called hemoglobin, which is where oxygen sits. We also know that an unhealthy lifestyle due to a lack of exercise, poor circulation, and poor diet, can cause these red blood cells to glue/stick together. Thus, there will be less surface area; which can cause them to carry less oxygen. If you put a magnet in a place where the blood vessels are farther away from the heart; it is hypothesized that the glued together blood cells will be pulled apart, and thus may be capable of transporting more oxygen around the body. This in turn provides far better metabolism and promotes well-being.

The magnets we use are fabricated magnets, because they can be made much stronger than available naturally occurring magnets. A natural magnet is called magnetite. These exist everywhere, but the effect is pretty weak; compared to those one can make by mixing different substances and chemicals together. The magnet in a Lasota Energy Exclusive bracelet, is a 1000 gauss magnet.

Can you use a magnet if you have a pacemaker? You would need a very strong magnet and it would need to be kept less than 3cm from the pacemaker for there to be interference. If you look at the pacemaker brochures from manufacturers of pacemakers; they say nothing about against the use of the type of magnets we use. Other equipment, which have much stronger magnetic effects may be used, such as MRI, X-Ray, headphones, induction cooking top ovens and security checks at airports to name a few.

If you are in doubt, please consult your doctor about whether it is safe for you.

Magnets can help with:

  • Increasing oxygen level by improving the oxygen carrying capability of hemoglobin in the red blood cells.
  • Improving and supporting the immune system.
  • Pain relief in muscles and joints.
  • Improving blood circulation in general.

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Rated 5 out of 5
Normally I only use the Lasota Energy bracelet when I train, it works super well and I'm happy wearing it. I don't normally wear it in competitions due to water resistance. Then I have had a period where I felt that the training went super well, but that I underperformed

Mikkel Jensen

Rated 5 out of 5
I have now used the Lasota Energy bracelet for 5 months and I have especially noticed I recover much quicker between races and have much less muscle pain. And additional benefits is that I sleep much better so I feel much more refreshed when I wake up.

August Birk Hundt

Rated 5 out of 5
I don't believe in hocus pocus but the Lasota Energy bracelet really works. For example, I haven't had my annual flu the last two years, which I have had since I can remember and therefore I knew that Lasota HorsePower would also work on the horses.

Georgia Timmermann

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