The Company

Lasota Energy was created in 2011 by a Doctor of Osteopathy, Jan Lasota, who developed his concepts; based on knowledge, research and work – down to the smallest detail. This development is constantly an ongoing process, where we use the latest technologies in close collaboration with our developers and designers.

Lasota Energy must almost be perceived as a vitamin pill you do not eat. Instead it affects your body positively by using radiation and electromagnetism; which is contained in the different products. Everything in the body, works and operates using power, resonance, and electromagnetic stimuli. We focus on the body as a whole, with a product that can optimize your body, and bring it into balance as much as possible. With a range of products for both humans and animals.

Target Audience

The target audience for Lasota Energy bracelet is widespread: from children to adults, amateurs to elite athletes, work and leisure, and both active and inactive users.

In other words: it can be used by all.


Lasota Energy has also developed: Lasota Pet Energy for dogs and Lasota HorsePower for horses; with the exact same effect, thereby promoting animal welfare.

You can read reviews and people’s experiences with our products at: where you can also follow our many activities and updates.

You can buy the original Lasota Energy Bracelet at dealers throughout Denmark. Original Lasota Energy products are NOT sold on EBay, Amazon or other international online shops.

All inquiries can be made via our contact form on the contact page. We strive to answer your inquiries as quickly as possible. You can also contact us directly on mail:

Company registration number: 11210041
Company VAT number 325 1521 38


Lasota Energy is CE-approved and is a “Registered Trademark”. All our products are examined in two independent laboratories, to ensure that our products contain nothing harmful. In addition, we have a “Code of Conduct”, which contains guidelines for accountability and good practices for employees and organization, as well as the requirements we make of our suppliers regarding the social, ethical and environmental conditions.

Rated 5 out of 5
Normally I only use the Lasota Energy bracelet when I train, it works super well and I'm happy wearing it. I don't normally wear it in competitions due to water resistance. Then I have had a period where I felt that the training went super well, but that I underperformed

Mikkel Jensen

Rated 5 out of 5
I have now used the Lasota Energy bracelet for 5 months and I have especially noticed I recover much quicker between races and have much less muscle pain. And additional benefits is that I sleep much better so I feel much more refreshed when I wake up.

August Birk Hundt

Rated 5 out of 5
I don't believe in hocus pocus but the Lasota Energy bracelet really works. For example, I haven't had my annual flu the last two years, which I have had since I can remember and therefore I knew that Lasota HorsePower would also work on the horses.

Georgia Timmermann

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