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Fashion never felt so good

Do you want to enjoy all the benefits of our Lasota Energy bracelets while feeling extra classy? then J-line may be just right for you! Containing our high quality safe negative ion holograms, while looking stylish.

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Sporty look

They may look simple! But creating these silicone bracelets is a difficult process. Lasota Energy magnetic hologram wristbands are made of two components, scaled holograms charged with electromagnetism and negative ions, which lies in the silicone. For this sporty band view L-Line & E-Line

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Available for kids! Check out our K-line

Motion sickness on roadtrips are over! Our kids line can help your child, so they can relax on long drives.

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We ship rooms flat

Does your beloved canine suffer from any of the following, anxiety, stress or aggression? Our Pet Energy line might be a solution.

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Horse Power

Our Horse Power Line is an amazing product for trainers,.breeders and riders. If your horse is anxious, nervous, stressed or has a hard time learning commands, you should check out Horse Power.

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What they say

 I don’t believe in hocus pocus but the Lasota Energy bracelet really works. For example, I haven’t had my annual flu the last two years, which I have had since I can remember and therefore I knew that Lasota HorsePower would also work on the horses.

GEORGIA TIMMERMANN / Professional rider

 I have now used the Lasota Energy bracelet for 5 months and I have especially noticed I recover much quicker between races and have much less muscle pain. And additional benefits is that I sleep much better so I feel much more refreshed when I wake up.


Normally I only use the Lasota Energy bracelet when I train, it works super well and I’m happy wearing it. I don’t normally wear it in competitions due to water resistance. Then I have had a period where I felt that the training went super well, but that I under performed in competitions.

Mikkel Jensen / Triathlete