L-Line Black/White

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Lasota Energy L-Line is a super powerful silicone wristband with two holograms, charged with negative ions from Lasota Energy. The two holograms are each charged with 8 scaled frequencies. This is NOT a medicinal product, that can in any way heal or cure sickness. The wristband can perhaps help you though. The high number of negative ions put into the wristband, is well known and documented to reinforce cell membranes. Stronger cell membranes gives you a stronger immune system. Can you still get sick? Yes, of course you can. Same as anyone eating only organic or takes loads of vitamins can. But it does make your a bit better equipped to deal with it. Our wristbands are super high quality, and won’t wear down easily. Only violence will break it. Invest in your Lasota Energy band today and create balance.

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