Horse Power

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    You can use a Lasota Energy HorsePower band for leap, gallop or trot exercises. And during military or hunting scenarios. It is however not approved for dressage competitions, for two reasons. One; there are clear rules for what can be used during dressage, if the product is not allowed under the rules of the competition, it’s forbidden to wear during the competition. The other reason is that this product is considered performance enhancing.

    Please be aware that it takes more than this product, for your horse to become great at dressage. The product however can be a huge factor in the horses ability to learn.

    You should consider Lasota Energy HorsePower if your horse:

    Is nervous or anxious.

    Seems stressed or sweats a lot.

    Is anxious during transportation.

    Has stiff movements.

    Has stomach or colic issues.

    Have trouble responding to or learning commands.

    Out of breath or tense muscles.

    Is often sick

    Suffers from phlebitis (Can be caused by stress.

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