Who benefits from Lasota Energy wristbands?

What can these products help with? Negative charged ions in the wristband helps regulate your body. Some key aspects are; help with motion sickness, Improve sleep, balance and coordination, even strength due to your body functions being focused especially golfers report a reduced handicap after using Lasota Energy!

All our products are water resistant. you can wear all Lasota Energy wristbands in the bath or even take your magnetic band for a swim! But we do recommend neopren for athlete swimming. Our Pet Energy collars are also water resistant and same with HorsePower.

We would regret to hear if you for whatever reason aren’t satisfied, but fear not. We offer free returns & money back, if you’re not satisfied within 14 days of wearing your Lasota Energy magnetic band!

No! We offer a variety of products, for pets, horses and people. All of which are 100% safe for kids, elderly and animals! Lasota Energy helps the body regulate itself. So it’s all your own bod on a cellular level, we’re just giving it a little push.. in the right direction. 🙂

No. please do NOT stop any medicine or treatment. Our products are not gonna cure any illness or medical condition.

Pet Energy works on dogs same way as it does people. Here’s some of the ways Pet Energy can help your best friend: Anxiousness or nervousness, Stressed or aggressive, drowsy or sleeps too much. Can’t stay calm around people or other dogs, it doesn’t know. Seems to have Stiff movements, joint or muscle pain. Gets uncomfortable when transported. (looks as if it’s gonna throw up.)

Horse Power