A customer of Lasota Energy who really liked the wristband, asked us what we were doing to protect our product in terms of patents or similar to prevent other manufacturers copying our range. We told him that we do not have any patents which left the customer perplexed as he felt that we failed to protect a unique and fantastic invention.

The history of Lasota Energy is that this company has been built from scratch by Jan Lasota who is one of Denmark’s best trained and well-respected therapists. It has taken him over 20 years to ‘break the code’ that enables the production of an effective product. A patent is only valid in, for example, Denmark or within the EU or across the world. Many of these patents are extremely expensive and unfortunately, they often aren’t really worth the paper that they are written on as a lot of countries simply do not respect a patent. Also, it’s worth noting that to obtain a patent, you have to disclose every little detail of how the product is made. Just look at the difficulties that big companies like Louis Vuitton are having with fake designer goods from Asia which are pretty much identical to the original product or fake Rolex watches coming from Japan.

Another issue for Lasota Energy is that the manufacturing of the wristband takes place in China in a city called Guangzhou known for being the world’s leading place for manufacturing companies specializing in electromagnetism and similar technologies. Apple as well as Samsung and Garmin conduct their manufacturing activities in this city. The strategy behind the manufacturing of Lasota Energy products is to use no less than 10 different factories in Guangzhou which each make parts for the wristbands and then the final product is assembled in our own plant. This is how we make it extremely difficult for anyone to make a copy. Of course, the look and appearance can be copied but not the science that makes the wristband work effectively as this cannot be done without accessing all the knowledge that Jan Lasota has acquired over the years.

There are not a lot of different parts in a Lasota wristband but the manufacturing is a complicated process. This is the reason why the Lasota Energy silicone wristband costs $39.95 whilst the Lasota Pet Energy or the Horse Power bands are $59.95 DKK. It simply takes longer and has to go via a lot of different departments before the final product is ready. Also, we use Tourmaline stone from places such as Brazil, Italy or Sri Lanka which has to be cleaned and crushed into powder which is then heated to 1350°C for several hours. This is how negative ions are made. Another factory makes the silicon straps and are responsible for adding the negative ions to make a negatively charged wristband which is both durable and effective. The product is then forwarded to the design team in another factory where they cut the wristbands to size, add the coloured strip and dye the product. A lot of this process is done by hand rather than by machine. Finally, the wristbands are sent to our own plant where everything is put together and packaged.

So, you might think that each part is fairly cheap but it’s the fact that it takes 24 – 36 hours to create the final product and due to the process of making it that it ends up costing what it does when you see if for sale. Please be careful if you see a similar product at a considerably cheaper price. One thing is design. Another is effectiveness of the product. For Lasota Energy, effectiveness is our main focus.